Match Seniors


MatchSeniors provides online dating services to singles in the 50+ age group in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Helping those looking for love, casual dates or just companionship find more romantic encounters through their optimized matching engine.

They have built an engine that helps singles “single-out” and find their best suited local matches.

Their “About Us” page states “we don’t show you ways to find other married people, we help you find local singles”, so if you worry about information leaks like what happened at “Ashley Madison”, (the site that specializes in married people who want to anonymously cheat on their significant other that got in hot water for pretty obvious moral reasons and had their database hacked and leaked)

That won’t happen here.

MatchSenior’s mission is simple, they aim to help singles over the age of 50 find the kind of relationship(s) they are looking for.

Whether that be a one night stand at the “Golden Girls” headquarters or a life long epic love story à la “UP”.

(The Pixar movie about the old man who attached thousands of balloons to his “house” in efforts to reach his deceased wife in heaven, yeah, THAT one)

Ultimately, the choice is yours… and only yours.

For starters match seniors are included in a network of partner sites of premium online dating sites and specialist offline matchmakers if you so chose.

The online dating sites they recommend have a long track record of successfully matching singles and are very well-known for their high service levels and boast a very large satisfied member base.

If you are over 50 and want to meet like-minded singles in your area there are many options at your disposal. Now while many of these online dating services offer you big claims and enticing quotes, Matchseniors offers you the most matches via it’s larger than life database with its affiliated sites and leaves the success stories open-ended for you, the user, to write your own love story and live “happily ever after”.

There will be many options to scroll through and chose from based on your location and interests alone, however, if you chose to spruce up your profile and add more extensive information based on your likes and dislikes you will be far more likely to find those aptly suitable matches you always wished you’d come across.


Seniors tend to use this particular site to find a more meaningful relationship based primarily on companionship, trust, and understanding. Though some seniors are only looking for dates or one night stands, there are many more raunchy senior dating sites out there if that’s what you’re looking for in this particular stage of your life. 


That being said, Matchseniors doesn’t judge the type of relationships their member base chose to engage in, as long as they are honest and don’t infringe on the sacred institution of marriage, which is a good value to have for a dating site (if you ask me, which you are).

In a landscape where making money is the only rule and morality is running low, in my honest opinion it’s good to know Match Seniors kept this important rule in mind.


Match seniors matchmakers provide a much simpler and way more personalized service that only accepts singles that they feel meet their very specific member criteria. Their selection criteria include age, sex, interests, values, likes, dislikes, income level, hobbies, and location. If you qualify for their service (which shouldn’t be too hard) they’ll recommend you to one of their local matchmakers as soon as humanly possible and you’ll be on your way to meeting like-minded seniors in your area ASAP.


Match seniors offer singles the opportunity to express themselves through various partner sites creating unique profiles. Said profiles may include up to 26 photos, as well as a slew of selected preferences regarding the person they’re ultimately looking for. With the click of a mouse, members will instantly see photos and read personal wants and likes about their potential matches in their area. also understands the importance of privacy and integrity, so all communication between the members of their partner sites happens through an “anonymous” encrypted email network. The names and contact information of all their members are always kept completely confidential up until that member personally decides to share said information with their potential match. To help ensure the integrity of their community, their partner sites screen members’ photos and every single “single” profile for appropriateness well before it’s posted to the site. So not much to worry about here if you’re a stickler for your privacy and security.


Many seniors praise the site for its accessibility and easy-to-use interface, going for the more meat and potatoes approach. Whether you want to scroll on your own or speak with a matchmaker you can and will find the right matches for whatever it is you are looking for, whether simple dating, a companion or a potential mate that your friends might sing along to Beyonce’s “Put a ring on it” when you introduce them.


The site works like most others do, create a profile and let their algorithm do most of the hard work for you. Scroll through and find other like-minded 50+ singles of similar interests and goals that adhere to your desired physical and personal traits that pick your interest and suit you most.


Match senior is part of the only major online dating database and affiliate program with a 100% FREE voice-recording feature, as well as an easy-to-use interface that allows multiple, simultaneous chats. By subscribin. You also get your verg, you get access to these popular features, as well as many advanced search options, unlimited email messages, photo personals browsing, and the chance to see who has viewed your profiley own internal mail account, which to put simply, will allow you to communicate privately and safely with anyone, at any time, as well as the ability to upload photos to your own public gallery or as private attachments tacked on to messages you chose to send to selected other members of the service.

Signing up and creating a profile is completely FREE, so you won’t need to invest much of your hard-earned money to see a return here. A lot to gain, not very much to lose here…

If you’re like me, one of the things you probably don’t want to waste any more of is your time on is being alone or maintaining a relationship with someone who just doesn’t fulfill your specific personal needs. So go ahead and give yourself more opportunities for true love and get started today. Your next date could be just a few clicks away!

 No paywall, so some undesirable members who aren’t looking for the same thing as you probably won’t be so upfront about it.

 The layout is simple and not the most attractive. (But don’t worry, all that matters is that your matches are)


 Free to join

 Voice recording feature

 Very easy to use interface.

 Large database, part of a larger network of dating sites for all types of singles.

 Security and privacy

Our Score 9.6