Professional Match Review



Professional Match is very serious about its online dating services and helps find a solution to the everlasting problem of professional singles trying to find the perfect date and mate by vetting the ideal matches for them specifically. As one of, if not THE highest quality paid dating service, their online dating site offers up the best possible matches available, to its professional members, who are all seeking a more meaningful and long-term relationship.

If you are looking for an online dating site that offers a little more than the average sign up and swipes service, is the one for you.

To put it simply their “relationship experts” hand-craft the perfect profile for you and can match you with your ideal partner in a timely manner.

Their goal is to set you up with like-minded singles in your area and help reach your final relationship goals, whether it’s getting matched online or working one on one with one of their personal matchmakers (which they refer to as their “Relationship Experts”, they boast plenty of quality options to guarantee success. (Or as Borat would say “GREAT SUCCESS!”)

The site offers local professional matchmakers that will work with you to help find that special someone so many people are striving to find. As their website states “Finding love is not easy”.

They claim this process guarantees introductions to compatible singles landing you the best chance for a meaningful and successful relationship.

The service claims to be the #1 dating site for relationship-minded singles. So if a meaningful relationship is what you are looking for, look no further than

Their user pool consists of serious and compatible professionals with extensive profiles for you to browse unless you leave most of that up to their, or your (soon-to-be) “Relationship Expert”.

Although it might take a bit longer than on your average online dating site to activate your profile and must be accepted as a client to move forward (All members must go through a mandatory criminal background check and be pre-screened by experts to ensure they’re the right fit for the site) also offers a “members-only” service of off-line matchmaking.

If at first glance the registration process might seem a little more like the vetting of a would-be special agent applying to work for a government agency, the experts at assure you it will be worth your while, ensuring that you are compatible with the match-making service and its client base before even starting this dance.

Once accepted, you are designated a “Relationship Expert” who is with you every step of the way to review your information and interact with you directly to start an in-depth consultation.

This Expert will help you by bolstering your online avatar and ensuring you are well equipped to explore the site and all its features while also giving you direction and advice to help to develop the best possible profile which will attract the type of partner who best matches the criteria of your desired mate.


You will consequently be able a few steps closer to interacting with a plethora of eligible singles who meet your standards which you have gone over and addressed with your “Relationship Expert”.

You will then have a much better idea of how to communicate with, and woo your ideal match.

The website’s professional relationship experts analyze elements such as values, life goals, lifestyle and shared interests before indicating the ideal partner.

The assistance from your “Relationship Expert” means much less time wasted on browsing through infinite profiles, as the expert matchmaker does most of the work for you, the user.


When you’re a professional and time is of the essence,  the hours, days, months and years spent looking for the perfect partner might seem overwhelming. Professional Match is here to help and offers to basically do the work for you. (With some much-needed help, by you, the most important person in this equation, FOR NOW!)

This site caters to, (but not exclusively) busy, over-worked and older professionals, who do not have the luxury or free time to data-mine and search through endless profiles for their ideal match.

As the site is members only, you won’t be interacting with people who might be seen as a waste of time on other free dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble or Plenty of Fish.

As for back and forth messaging with matches, Professional Match offers both instant messaging and an in-site email service depending on your preference.

Many potential and prospective members who have done their due diligence and research on a professional match may have heard or read about their “Guarantee”  to find you a match.

To be clear the guarantee policy is an extra feature you must pay for to upgrade, depending on which package you have selected to start, while any site that offers you a guarantee of your perfect match is surely worth your while, here are some specifics to clear up the confusion.

While the first and most affordable signup option is the 3 months standard package they offer (that will run you $53.97), the similar 3 months value package will cost you $62.97.

They also have two 6 month alternatives which would seem to be quite a bit more worth your while and ticket price.

The first of the two is a 6 months standard package at $95.94, but the best value is clearly the “6 months guarantee” package at $113.94 which as the title states… GUARANTEES you find your perfect match.

Would you not pay a bit more for a service that GUARANTEES what you are looking for?

What’s the worst that could happen?

For more information on the common practices of online dating services, we strongly recommend that you read the website’s Privacy conditions and Online Dating Safety Tips before considering joining their site.

If you are a professional who works all the time and don’t have time to meet people on the many free-to-swipe dating apps, or are looking for more than just hooking up with uninteresting flings, is the site that will help you find your perfect and equally “professional” mate.

 It must be accepted by the site’s administrators to move forward.

 Extensive criminal background check.

 Takes a little longer than your usual dating sites to set up and activate your profile.

 Busy user interface.

 Might be a little hard to navigate if you don’t properly consult with your “Relationship Expert”


 Paywall ensures you are only being matched with like-minded singles who are looking for similar levels of relationship and commitment.

 For professionals, so you won’t be matched with career criminals and low lives but other single professionals who don’t have time to waste.

 Extensive criminal background check.

 6 Month guarantee package, which will cost you $113.94 GUARANTEES you find your perfect match.

 Relationship experts will help you bolster your profile and find the ideal matches based on the criteria you give them to find your perfect mate.

Our Score 9.7