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By is an online dating site catering to the more mature (40+ years of age) singles demographic who are proactively looking for dates, casual dating, love, companionship, and marriage. They pride themselves on strict guidelines and are one of the leading sites for mature singles on the interwebs.

To boot, real mature singles are part of a wide network of similar partnering sites that specifically specialize in premium online dating services and include specialist offline matchmakers to help you find your perfect match if you so chose.

The online dating sites they tend to recommend have a very impressive track record of successfully matching mature singles with one and other and are very well-known for their élite levels of service. Real Mature Singles assure you they boast an extensively large database of very satisfied customers.


If you have ever been tempted to at least try one of these online dating services but haven’t felt like taking the leap yet, this one will surely be worth a try. Many singles over the age of 40 don’t really see the upsides of online dating services, mainly because they haven’t tried them yet and they weren’t very popular when they were in their 20’s during the very start of the world-wide-web as we know it.


You can sign up and create a profile absolutely free of charge today and see just what you’ve been missing this whole time.

You’ll wonder why you haven’t previously signed up and joined as their site boasts an array of mature singles’ profiles for you to browse through and with luck on your side, find that meaningful relationship you’ve been looking for your whole life.


Once you sit down and start setting up your profile for the first time you will notice the process may take a little bit longer than on your average online dating website. Not to worry, this will allow for better matches to pop up in your feed and rest assured, it will be well worth the extra time it takes to jot down said information.

When you first sign up and input your personal information, they will ask you for your phone number to verify it’s really you. This is fine as real mature singles are a trusted online dating site that understands how important your privacy and confidentiality are, so any and all communication between users of their partner sites occurs through an encrypted and anonymous network of private email servers.

This particular online dating site is also certified “McAffe Secure” which as a household name in online security, is an extra added layer of security most sites don’t offer. (Or can’t afford to)

 To help make sure the full integrity of their online landscape and community, every single profile and user photo (profile or otherwise) you upload is cautiously screened by administrators of their partner sites for advisability well before being posted to the online dating site.

The names and all contact information of their users are carefully kept under lock and key, completely and utterly confidential until the moment the member in question personally chooses to share said information with their potential match or matches. So there is not much to worry about for you here if you’re adamant about your privacy and security remain intact.


 If you qualify for their premium service (which you should, and will!) they’ll refer you to one of their many matchmakers in your area (or relationship expert as most of these sites refer to them) and as soon as you say the word you’ll be on your way to interacting with and meeting like-minded mature singles in your area.


As long as you’re not happily married, they don’t discriminate on your status, so if you’re over 40 years of age, whether you’re single, separated, widowed or divorced this site is perfect for you to find real mature singles near you.

Also, something interesting to note, this isn’t one of those sites that entices you to cheat on your wife or husband, so if that’s what you’re here for you might want to consider a site that caters more to that type of dating service specifically. (Or just be a good person and be faithful or get a damn divorce!) Although I’m almost certain people on dating sites aren’t always honest, there are sites more suited to that demographic specifically (like Ashley Madison, SeniorSizzle or Passion), so deception is not the name of the game when it comes to this site.

(I mean the site’s name is “real mature SINGLES”… after all)


Flings and/or casual dating are often the only way to get to know someone you hope to have a long-lasting relationship with (especially online), so not to say real mature singles don’t encourage being promiscuous, that isn’t specified since its not something they can control. That being said, they are here to help and guide you in a safe place to meet the right mature singles in your proximity, the rest is entirely on you.

People will ultimately be left to their own devices once they’ve signed up and started interacting with other mature singles.

The site’s administrators just ask that you be honest and respectful since this is an environment made for like-minded people to meet and interact in a positive manner, with the mutual hope and aspirations of finding love, friendship, and companionship, which is a painstaking process for many people.


Real Mature Singles relationship experts will offer help and assistance to ease a more tailor-made experience and rest assured, they strictly accept singles that they feel meet their very strict member and user criteria.

Their selection criteria like most dating sites include values, likes, dislikes, income brackets, age, sex, interests, location, and hobbies to mention a few.

Their relationship experts (or matchmakers) are always on hand if you need any help. They will be glad to guide you through which methods to use and answer any question that might help you meet your ultimate goal, meeting that special someone you’ve always longed to find and spend the rest of your life with…

Or keep trying until you do!

 You must first be accepted by the real mature singles administrators to use the service.

 Filling information takes a little bit longer than your run of the mill dating site and activating your profile may take 24-48 hours.


 Free to sign up and try.

 More mature (over 40 years of age) singles than most sites that offer the same service.

 Their matchmakers help you every step of the way to help find you the best possible matches according to your wants and needs.

 Easy to navigate interface, with nifty instant messaging box and private email server for a more professional approach.

 Is one of the leading sites for divorced singles over 40 looking for a serious relationship.

Our Score 9.3